Sunday, 24 January 2010

New School

Well, I love to read some of the interesting entries that some of the best gaming writers produce (no names - I'm gonna hit on those guys in just a second).

But what always agitates me, is that some of these writers are a lot older than I am. They're what I'd rather call Old School Gamers. And the trouble with these gamers, is sometimes it's hard to relate to what they're writing, because they begin to reference to some of the classic and innovative game titles from the 80s and 90s.

No doubt, the game industry has a storied history. And it's a very interesting one too. Games go very far back. There are some incredibly gifted people out there who designed and created the simplest games. And although their contribution to the gaming industry is literally minimal, figuratively they have paved the way for the future of gaming. And so it seems - because of them, we have games as incredible as they are to this day.

That's my acknowledgement of gaming history. But it's only brief. There is so much more to gaming history. There are so many games, developers, producers and communitys that have contributed to making the games industry what it is today.

But I don't want to go out of my way to look deep into this history. As nice as it is to know how we got here, I think the most interesting blogs I ever read are about the here and now. That way, I understand the topic more. That way, we're keeping our heads into the current games that are paving the way for a promising future that we have no idea about.

My gaming history starts with RARE's 007 Goldeneye. That was a game that went down very well with all parties. I think that was one of the first FPS games, along with Doom, that really kicked off the FPS genre, and the success we now see.

So when these gaming bloggers start talking about games from the distant past, I feel a great sense of being left out. I can't relate to the topics of their posts. I'm not their target audience!

So I think there needs to be a new set of gaming bloggers. I don't want to start this great divide in gamers. We are all a part of a precious community that has become such a mainstream. But there needs to be some new school bloggers.

We need people who are willing to talk about the industries more recent games. And give the younger gamers who are interested in writing about games a role model. An inspiration. An example.

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