Sunday, 17 January 2010

Far Cry 2 - Still Got It?

Has Far Cry 2 still got it? I couldn't help but find myself playing FC2 again, after such a long absence. What really caught me, was how each play-through had me as excited and intrigued as the next!

I know exactly how the story ends. I know how it begins. I vaguely remember what each mission is, where it requires me to go, and what I have to do. I don't even need the briefings from the faction leaders these days.

But something still draws my interest. And it's the definate fact that FC2's story mode is solely based around your playthrough. It determines how you play to decide how it plays. And that factor is the most impressive side to Far Cry 2.

Despite mixed opinions amongst my personal group of friends, I seem to be the only person who can see the positive side to the game. It's pro's and con's list is quite a long one, but I honestly don't think either of the two lists out-weigh one another.

You see, the game has as many flaws as it has its best features. And better yet, there are so many different unique ways of looking at the game. And that comes through personal imagination. How you respond to Far Cry 2 as a game. Whether you allow your imagination to get tangled up with this war-torn world of Africa.

Sometimes, I could sit in a Swamp Boat, watching the rain fall down into the soft water, as I pass by mountains of moist Jungle. And although I'm sitting in my bedroom, I'm almost feeling the hot, moist atmosphere. Almost feeling the rain fall onto my skin. And feeling the cool breeze pass through my hair. I think Ubisoft Montreal payed a bit too much time and effort trying to make the player feel immersed into the World they were in, rather than make the player feel like they're playing an awesome, action-packed game where nothing ever stops you from getting interested.

But that's where some people love the game, and some people hate it.

But the fact that I can immerse myself into that World is not only impressive, but it's also all a part of that imagination. You need to open your mind to the idea of it. You can't think too hard about being in this World. You need to just feel it. Let it come naturally. And if it can't, then this game was obviously not intended for you. However, if you pose the desire to continue playing the game, then you definately have the consideration and curiosity that is required to even appreciate the game.

So has Far Cry 2 still got it? Yes. I believe it does. And it always will. Because no matter what you do with this game, if you come back to it with a different frame of mind, or a different tactic - then you're promised a new result. An interesting result - because it's different to your last result!

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