Sunday, 24 January 2010

False advertising

I wanted to bring a topic to the front today. I've been in particular distress lately about the fact that Trailers these days require false advertising in order to sell. The developers and producers create these trailers showing completely fake content that doesn't even feature in the game.

This agitates me. Lets take a look at this Trailer, for example:

This is the 2008 Launch Trailer for Far Cry 2. One of my favourite games. I know its Story Mode inside out. Most of this footage doesn't feature in the game.

Perhaps they're building some history for their main characters. By showing that Tambossa and Mbantuwe have strong personalities, they build some character profile prior to the game. And to support that, it never says that the trailer is showing in-game footage. But what about the footage we don't see?

It looks like the footage in this trailer may be what the game was originally intended to be. Ubisoft tried to make the game nice and advanced, but ended up scrapping the idea. They decided to go for the simple idea to save time and effort. Hence, why we only see these supposedly charismatic, short-fused and ruthless leaders sitting in a chair all the time - rather than standing out on the balcony shooting people. Or pummelling some mercenary into the ground when they're angry.

Or blowing up explosives on a Bridge. That's actually what YOU who does that in a Buddy Subverted Mission. In order to make the debris of the Bridge fall onto the Barge - where your target to kill is.

Here's Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising's new Trailer for their latest DLC pack Overwatch.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Risings biggest down fall was the fact that in order to make it as realistic as possible, the game developers left out the funnest part of games. Its gameplay.

They wanted so badly to banish the run and gun tactics that Call of Duty regrettedly reinforced (especially with their latest title Modern Warfare 2). However, Codemasters went a little overboard. The gameplay is - in my opinion - horrific. It's slow. It's not smooth. It throws me off the game entirely. It is NOT a close quarters game. The game isn't responsive enough to go in close range. You'd get shot to pieces from the AI if you were close to them and tried to spray bullets or simply aim.

It takes about 10 seconds to change equipment, and I wished I was exaggerating. And the worlds graphics are a major disappointment. This game is the complete opposite to Far Cry 2 with its graphics.

Far Cry 2 looks great up close, but bad from a distance.

OPF: DR looks horrible up close, but great from a distance.

The grass and mountains have a nice touch from such range. Up close it just looks tatty, lazy, disgusting.

The trees are so pathetic that I'd rather not rant on the game. Just in case this becomes a blog about hitting on Codemasters efforts with Operation Flashpoint: DR, and I am forced to change the blog title!

So ultimately, Codemasters pieced together an incredibly intelligant trailer to advertise their new DLC. The idea of their DLC is obviously to enhance the game, which I believe with the first DLC it most certainly did (to an extent), and I believe this DLC (which I have ceased to invest in since I have given up on the game) looks like it has/may enhance the game even more (especially for its Multiplayer side of things).

The Trailer has been HEAVILY edited, in order to make the DLC more attractive. The fast cut between frames is a really intelligant idea which suggest to the viewer that the action is fast paced. It gives an action packed performance to leave the audience thinking WOW.

It's simply false advertising. They're trying to say "Buy this DLC and the game will suddenly be action packed like it's Modern Warfare 2!".

I don't buy this false advertising once I realise how fake it is. I don't believe it's right. It's the reason why most games leave fans disappointed. Because when you falsely advertise, you promise the gamers something they won't get. If they gets their hopes up, get excited over many reasons for the game, and it turns out most of those reasons aren't even in the game - then you'll get negative responses.


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