Monday, 7 December 2009

My Manager Mode with Southend United

Hi, so what was it? My 3rd Season when I last posted on this blog?

Buddy, I've come a long way. So let me take you back to that third season. I had just joined the Premier League.

Southend United won that season, becoming the Champions, they also won every cup competition they could. The FA Community Shield, the Copa Europe Cup, the Carling Cup, the Europa League and the FA Cup.

It went down in history as the most incredible season ever. The first time, since records began, that we had seen one team take every trophy home with them. Southend United and the fans celebrated bigger than ever with their success.

Most of the media piled onto Scott Richards, the most impactful and successful manager in history. He didn't have too much to say:

"I joined a really strong team. My predeccessor managing this team really cut out my work for me. Obviously we've had to let a few great players go, but in return our success has provided alot of money, and we've bought some highly skilled players with that money. These players have settled perfectly in the squad, and contribute greatly to the team."

As the fourth season started, Scott Richards was left with £30m to spend. With the majority of this money, S. Richards bought Michel Bastos, a highly skilled Left Winger who would relieve the stress from Ayoze, the only left winger in the squad.

Michel Bastos had a fantastic season, scoring multiple goals, setting up many more, and doing just what Scott Richards hoped, taking stress from Ayoze, and contributing to the already fantastic squad.

As the season began, 38 year old Douglas Freedman announced this would be his final season, and then he would retire. Freedman had a fantastic final season. Scoring many goals, including scoring the winner in the FA Cup final to spoil the incredible cup run from Swansea City. And also in the Champions League final against Barcelona to confirm the victory during extra time. He went out of his career the happiest he's been, and with the most successful manager he says he's ever played under.

Goalkeeper Steve Mildenhall also retired at the age of 35, he was a part of the Barclays Premier League team of the Season, as the goalkeeper.

That fourth season Southend United won it all again, except this time they won the Champions League rather than the Europa League.

The fifth season has just begun, Aaron Lennon was the star signing of the Summer, after Scott Richards was provided another £30m. Lennon will be a fine addition to the right wing, where Sestu plays, getting replaced by Christophe and Betsy when relevant.

Turkish centre back Emre Gungor was another star signing for Southend over the summer. With the loss of Vagner due to his decision to leave for another club without S. Richards permission, Barrett and Mvoto had been struggling to hold the defence without getting tired. Emre has become man of the match 3 times already, and shows no signs of tiring. His contribution to the team has been vital.

A scout has been sent out too, and has returned with a Dutch right winger. He's young and inexperienced, but has an incredible amount of potential. He has been improving since joining the club, and already has an assist and a goal under his name.

Players bought:

Michel Bastos
Emre Gungor

and others I've forgotten.

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