Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Ready-Up System

Today, I wish to discuss the very old fashioned, and horrible system that I call the "Ready-Up System".

It's in the Multiplayer side of games, and it's when you join a lobby, and the only way for a game to begin, is via a Ready Up System.

It's where Players have to press a button to announce they're ready. And usually, a game is forbidden to begin until a minimum number of Players have readied up.

This feature was hot back in the older gaming days, but games have come a long way since then. But sadly, we still get those games that choose to keep the system in.

It's a very frustrating system, because there's always that one nooby guy who doesn't want to be ready! And in a game that has died long ago, it's often too difficult to even gain enough players to get the game started.

Now sure, a small one vs one, or maybe a slightly larger game, is not gonna be interesting at all, and probably won't make the cut. But action is action. And most of the new games manage to pit any players together, no strings attached, and you can hit the action instantly.

The old Ready-Up system makes even a recently released game take that extra time to get started, and it does slow down the action and make the game boring.

Should the Ready Up System be axed?

Leave your opinion in the Comments section, below.

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