Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Girl Gamer Harrassment

The blog title says it all. When you think of games, you think of Males. One thing that is a rare thought, with gaming ,is Women.

Gaming is one of those hobbies that Women can't seem to get involved with. It's such a male-orientated hobby. But, like most things, Women can't resist that curiosity. Women will always want to know what "it" is all about. A trip down the Pub every Friday night. A Saturday Afternoon watching the "Footy" (That's Soccer for those American readers).

But, because Gaming is also a Nerds hobby, female interaction is as rare on Xbox LIVE - as it is in real life. Well... you may assume it is with most nerdy gamers.

Now the topic I want to discuss today, is the tender topic of women getting harassed on Games. For those girls who try gaming, and like it, their time on Xbox LIVE is full of nerds throwing theirselves to her knees. Otherwise, they're severely cocky and competitive, and threaten them with offensive language, and challenges to one-on-ones. You see, along with not expecting Women to play Games, Men expect them to be horrid at them!

The constant barragement of insults claiming to whoop girls asses at games is quite a pain! They can't get any rest from it! I do disagree with the extra attention paid to girls for playing games. Alot of them probably don't appreciate it. It's something they dont want to be singled out for.

Then, you do have the girls who love the attention. And they also publicise theirselves on being successful. I'm talking about The Frag Dolls and the other popular Girl Gamer Clans that have managed Television, and get sponsered. The question targeted is are they popular and publicised for being Girl Gamers, or for being good?

I think it's a bit of both. But I personally think they gain far too much credit for their success purely because they're Girls.

It's a giant debate that could go on for hours. Please leave a Comment on what you think of Girl Gamers?


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